Johnny is a happy, self-employed individual whose business is going well. Johnny’s situation, however,  was not always so fortunate. He began his journey facing barriers that he was not even aware of. He couldn’t keep a job for extended periods of time causing un-needed amounts of stress. This created a revolving door and a never-ending cycle of job hunting.

Johnny knew he had to do something about his situation. He decided to take control and look for a job that would not just suit his unique set of needs but help him move forward with his life.

This job search began in September 2017, when Johnny reached out to WorkBC. When contacting WorkBC professionals, Johnny made it clear that he wanted to be self-employed. WorkBC collaborated with both its Vancouver and Sechelt locations to provide the best resources and the experience possible for Johnny.

During October 2017, Johnny was connected with a Vocational Counsellor, who then referred him for specialized assessments and encouraged him to participate in a specialized needs Assessment. This very thorough assessment provided guidance on what kinds of jobs could be suitable for Johnny.

By April 2018, Johnny had succeeded in his goal and became self-employed by owning his own landscaping business, “J-RAD Lawn and Garden Service”.  As a result of his own hard work and the help of WorkBC, Johnny now has all the tools and knowledge to generate opportunities and build more business.  By taking control of his future, Johnny was no longer blocked by employment barriers and has a very positive outlook on his future.